About Shauna


Hello! I'm Shauna, my pronouns are she/her, and I'm the one behind That Queer Card Co.

I live in Vancouver, BC with my super cute French fiance and our two ridiculous cats. I love board games, drag queens and Disney villains, and my closet is almost entirely black and white stripes. I collect herbal tea and novelty tea infusers and rarely drink it, I am terrified of heights but obsessed with rollercoasters, and I am genuinely indifferent about cilantro.

  • Queer

    I use "queer" and "gay" pretty interchangeably, but "queer" feels like the most comfortable way to describe my identity. I grew up in a Mennonite family and came out when I was 20.

  • Femme

    I am a cisgendered woman and, baby gay phase aside, have always very much identified with "femme." Though I do love beanies, Vans, and my ridiculous lipstick collection in equal measures.

  • Creative

    I struggle to identify with any one art form over another. I love all the things - photography, drawing, painting, sculpting, and make-up artistry.

  • Type A

    I am by no means a free-spirited creative. I am super methodical in all areas of my life, perhaps to a fault. I have so much love for systems, workflows, automations, and routines.

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My History with Art

Art has always been part of my life in some capacity. The Sharpie Ultra Fine was my first love and I quickly developed an appreciation for fine line cartoons and doodles. Eventually I discovered the Bullet Journal community and channeled my artistic efforts into several years of serious Bullet Journalling. In recent history, I have fallen in love with Procreate and the world of digital illustration.