About Shauna

Bonjour hi! I'm Shauna, my pronouns are she/her, and I'm the one behind That Queer Card Co. I live in beautiful Besançon, France with my French spouse and our two ridiculous cats.

Things I Like

black and white stripes, board games, capybaras, Disney villains, drag queens, hairless cats, Hallowe'en, mornings, musicals, pineapple on pizza, purple, reality television

Things I Don't Like

bugs with more than 8 legs, the dentist, eating sounds of any kind, heights, being late, The Office, pasta, most stand-up comedy, stinky cheese, warm colours, the word "moist"

  • Queer

    I use "queer" and "gay" pretty interchangeably, but "queer" feels like the most comfortable way to describe my identity. I grew up in a Mennonite family and came out when I was 20.

  • Femme

    I am a cisgendered woman and, baby gay phase aside, have always very much identified with "femme." Though I do love beanies, Vans, and my ridiculous lipstick collection in equal measures.

  • Creative

    I struggle to identify with any one art form over another. I love all the things - photography, drawing, painting, sculpting, and make-up artistry.

  • Manu

    "Papa Duck"

    Manu and I met in December 2019 and UHAULed courtesy of COVID in March 2020. We initially bonded over our appreciation for board games and now we enjoy hikes to find waterfalls, drag shows, and watching really bad reality TV. Manu came out as trans in June 2021, we had an intimate west coast wedding in May 2022, and we started our new life in France in December 2022.

  • David

    "Big Loaf", "Grumpy Granny", "Lady Muffin", "Miss Muffin"

    David and I go way back to August 2011 when I was drawn to her sweet asymmetrical face. She was best friends with my first cat, Goliath, for a lot of years before he passed in 2019. David and I fell in love with Manu at the same time and he is her preferred human to this day. David loves sleeping in the linen closet, assertive pats, and stealing foie gras on special occasions.

  • Malo

    "Baby Malo", "King Malo", "Malo Monster"

    Our hugely dependent COVID baby. Malo brought a lot of chaos and laughs into our lives when we adopted him in September 2020. Despite being named after the French word for marshmallow (chamallow), we quickly learned he is not sweet or squishy. Malo loves eating bugs, sleeping on the kitchen table, attacking unsuspecting bare legs, and running water of all kinds

  • Art has always been part of my life in some capacity. Yes, these drawings are actually from my tiny human era...


    The Sharpie Ultra Fine was my first love and I quickly developed an appreciation for fine line cartoons and doodles. Eventually I discovered the Bullet Journal community and channeled my artistic efforts into several years of serious Bullet Journalling. In recent history, I have fallen in love with Procreate and the world of digital illustration.

About That Queer Card Co

I was inspired to start my business while working as a wedding photographer shooting mostly LGBTQ+ couples. I found myself in the homes of many of my clients during the getting ready portion of the day and noticed one thing that all of their homes had in common… The same generic same-sex wedding card sitting on the mantle. Legitimately the same card.

My couples were all so radically different from one another, so it felt super disingenuous that their love stories were all being celebrated with the same generic card. Yet we continued to applaud the mainstream card companies for giving us ONE card in the card aisle. I decided that the only way to guarantee change was to do it myself.

  • February 2022

    That Queer Card Co was born in Vancouver, BC! My very first order was for my Glad You Got that Off Your Chest card. I also got my first wholesale order at Far & Wide in Kamloops, BC.

  • March 2022

    I spent my birthday weekend at my first craft market, Made in the 604. My Our Soles Belong Together card got noticed by someone from Blundstone and they placed a bulk order and sent me a bunch of swag!

  • April 2022

    That Queer Card Co celebrated New Years in April with Queer as Funk and created a "Party in a Box" for everyone who attended the show. I also received my first manufactured products in the mail, my wooden pins.

  • June 2022

    I received my first international wholesale order from Keller Kreuzberg in Berlin, Germany! That Queer Card Co celebrated Vancouver Pride at East Side Pride in Grandview Park and in the West End with New Gen YVR.

  • December 2022

    I packed my entire business into 3 UHAUL boxes and shipped it across the world to France. After an unfortunate passport mishap, I arrived in France a month later. I created my dream office space and relaunched That Queer Card Co 2.0.