• Malo

    Malo is a wild tuxedo cat who thinks he is a raccoon. My spouse and I adopted him in September of 2020 and he has been shaking up our household ever since.


    His favourite things are eating all the things, laying in the sunshine in the backyard, and stuffing his favourite toys in small, hard-to-reach places. He doesn't like when I need to sit in my office chair, being brushed, or when his toys get stuck under the oven.

  • Vet Bill

    A few days before Hallowe'en, we noticed Malo was not being himself. He was sleeping a lot, refusing to eat, and cuddling with our other cat.


    We took him to the vet and it was determined that he had eaten something toxic that was causing significant inflammation. Between several days of monitoring at the vet, x-rays, bloodwork, IV fluids, as well as medication to reduce the inflammation, the bill reached nearly $2000.

  • Moving Expenses

    My spouse and I will be moving to France in early December. We will be donating most of our worldly possessions and starting over again when we find an apartment in France.


    Moving across the world and refurnishing a home is expensive, so this surprise vet visit has really hurt our moving funds. I will be setting aside everything earned from my cat related products to offset the vet expenses we had to deduct from our moving funds.